Spyder works around columns and obstructions with ease.

Aging water treatment facilities, especially those in areas with little room for expansion, pose a number of problems for operators looking to remove wastewater sludge. Obstructions such as columns, walkways, slanted walls and other supports often make it difficult to retrofit or upgrade their operation.

Using a completely innovative new design, Roberts has found a way around sludge basin obstructions with the Spyder. The Spyder’s configurable pipe systems are designed to fit perfectly into any obstructed spaces. It allows operators to remove wastewater or sewage sludge efficiently and uniformly regardless of the age or layout of their existing basins.

The Spyder Activated Sludge Advantages:


Spyder allows for zone-controlled sludge removal. Only desludge where and when it is needed.

  • Convenient: works in existing facilities with obstructions like columns and walkways
  • High performance: operates in zones where sludge is most concentrated
  • Water-saving: eliminates need of costly regular drain down and cleaning of sedimentation basins
  • Time-saving: eliminates downtime needed to clean out old basins
  • Space-saving: provides modern system to maximize current space

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