Trilateral SST Installed

Trilateral SST Installed without grout

Stainless steel underdrains are a popular solution because they are widely adaptable – but they are not all created equal.  While similar on the outside, what truly matters is the engineering inside. When water flows through,
the internal structure must efficiently balance air and water, regardless of changing flow rates or seasonal water temperature fluctuations.  If not, conventional filter backwash cycles will be ineffective, maldistribution of water will lead to poor washing, and your system’s safety will be undermined.

Roberts Filter Group’s Trilateral® SST underdrains incorporate innovative hydraulic design to guarantee even flow backwash distribution. Drawing on more than 125 years of industry expertise, the triangular internal chamber is engineered to optimize air scour capabilities in any conditions, without the need for custom design. And because Roberts can simulate any system’s characteristics at its own manufacturing and testing facility, you can trust your product will perform even before it’s shipped.

Roberts Trilateral® SST features a slotted external shell that maximizes freeboard by eliminating the need for support gravel, the Trilateral SST is the industry’s most reliable and adaptable stainless steel underdrain solution.

The Trilateral®

SST Advantages:
• Effective: engineered internal multi-chamber design provides efficient air scour and even filter backwash distribution
• Worry-free: testing facility guarantees performance in unique conditions before installation
• Trustworthy: manufactured in-house in the United States for consistent quality and supply
• Adaptable: stainless steel structure fits perfectly in a variety of applications
• Reliable: designed for superior strength, secure installation and corrosion resistance