As a stand-alone system, the Air Grid® Air Distribution System is a reliable and economical auxiliary air scour system designed specifically of gravity and pressure filter systems. The Roberts Air Grid® Air Distribution system utilizes the same basic design concepts as our popular Aries® Managed Air Scour system. The unitized stainless steel air diffusers assure excellent air distribution and prevent media fouling. Each Air Grid® system is analyzed and custom designed for the filter basin in which it is to be installed. The Roberts Air Grid® system can be used in conjunction with any new or existing filter underdrain system, adding the advantages of air scour to any filter backwash. The Air Grid® system provides thorough media cleaning without the shortcomings commonly found in “combination” air/water underdrain designs.
NOTES: Dedicated air only design maximizes performance. Shown to reduce backwash water by over 50%. No underdrain replacement required.

Technical Details:
Material: PVC, 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
Air Flow Rate: 3 – 5 scfm/square foot (54.5 – 90.9 m³/hr/m²)
Standard Orifice Spacing: 6″ (15.24cm) on center