Roberts' surface wash agitator, the Unisweep, has design features that distinguish it from other surface wash systems. The stainless steel Unisweep features a unique cone-ported nozzle that concentrates flow for maximum agitation, while providing positive back-flow prevention.

Specifiable Design

Designed with unitized construction, Unisweep is all stainless steel including center bearing and stainless steel lined non-clogging cone ported nozzles. Cleaning is made easy with the removable end caps. The nozzles are threaded for secure attachment. 

Prevent Media Backflow

To prevent backflow of media into the agitator arm, the two-piece non-clog nozzle uses an elastomeric diaphraghm, securely encased between the delrin cone and base. The threaded Cone Ported Nozzle provides focused flow dispersion for maximum scouring and features an encapsulated stainless steel liner for durability and long life. 

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