Roberts’ reinforced polyester fiberglass troughs are designed for use in water and wastewater treatment plants. All of our water trough are fabricated to ANSI/AWWA F101-96 Standards and are UL Classified for drinking water system components.

Roberts’ fiberglass troughs are available in a wide variety of widths and depths, with round or flat bottoms. Roberts’ watering trough are designed for unsupported spans of over 20′-0″ (6m) and include longitudinal stiffening ribs which are integrally molded onto the outside of the water trough to assure rigidity. Fiberglass troughs are available with a wide range of cross stabilization.

All Roberts’ fiberglass troughs are available with or without adjustable weirs plates and can be provided with either embedded or flush mounted end details.

Technical Details:

Material: Fiberglas Reinforced Polyester
Widths: Standard widths from 12″ – 36″ (30.5cm – 91.4cm)
Height: As required
Length: As required
Tensile strength: 14,000 psi (96.5 MPa)
Flexural strength: 25,000 psi (172.3 MPa)
Flexural modulus: 1.0 x 106 psi (6-730.8 KPa)