Roberts flocculator systems (vertical and horizontal flocculators)  are designed for maximum performance and for your all other flocculation water treatment needs.

Vertical Flocculators

flocculatorsRoberts manufactures swinging paddle and reel type vertical flocculators. Swinging paddle flocculators are constructed entirely from coated steel with two rows of paddles that are set 90 degrees apart. Paddles swing freely from a horizontal arm bracket and thus eliminate jams caused by debris or sludge build up. Reel type flocculators use wood or fiberglass paddles fixed to horizontal steel arms for cost effective construction.

Horizontal Flocculators

Roberts manufactures direct drive horizontal flocculators in 10 to 42 foot (3.048m to 12.8m) lengths. Each paddle section consists of fiberglass paddles mounted on steel arms attached to cast shaft plates. These plates are keyed to cold rolled steel shafts, which are turned, ground and polished to provide corrosion resistance and a long operating life. A flexible coupling securely connects each flocculator section to a variable speed traction drive, eliminating the high maintenance costs associated with gear and chain drive.