The Roberts’ Gemini® Carbon contactor successfully meets the challenges of granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment and offers excellent contaminant removal, reliable operation, and simplified maintenance.

Roberts’ Gemini® activated carbon systems can be supplied as individual units, but are frequently supplied as skid-mounted pairs. Each skid has been designed by Roberts’ engineering department to have a very small footprint and to require minimal field assembly.

The Gemini® skid mounted systems are designed to operate in both series or in parallel and with the piping configured to allow either unit to be the lead in the traditional lead/lag configuration. Additionally, isolation valves allow one unit to be completely off-line while the second unit remains in operation.

Gemini® – Activated Carbon Systems

The patented Gemini® carbon filter system eliminates the need for a false bottom plate. Its unique dual-header underdrain design encased within a sloping concrete subfill, makes it possible to remove spent carbon easily, in slurry form without the need to enter the contactor. Unlike other manufacturers who utilize plastic nozzles which can easily break or become fouled, Roberts’ stainless steel Microwedge Strainers installed on the underdrain laterals ensure efficient and uniform collection of service flows.