Roberts offers horizontal pressure filters in diameters of up to 12 feet (365.7cm).

Different from other horizontal pressure filters in the industry, Roberts’ pressure filters utilize the low headloss Infinity™ underdrain and the Aries® Managed Air System. These unique features reduce backwash head requirements, improve backwash distribution characteristics, and achieve efficient backwash cycles. These features, along with Roberts’ standard instrumentation and control package, simplify design and minimize startup complications.

horizontal pressure filters
Pressure filters have a specific advantage over gravity water filters in ground water applications because the filtration system is typically designed to operate on line pressure and no secondary pumping is required between the raw water source and the distribution system. Specifically, pressure water filter systems have been developed to focus on common ground water problems like iron, manganese, radium, and hardness. For high iron and manganese applications, Roberts’ pressure water filters can be provided with manganese greens and and potassium permanganate feed systems.

Roberts’ horizontal pressure filter typically offer lower initial and operating costs than conventional systems, and the package nature of these systems greatly simplify the design and installation for the engineer and contractor.

Roberts’ on-staff chemical engineers understand the variety of water treatment challenges that confront municipal and industrial users. They are experienced in applying our state-of-the-art pressure filtration capabilities to solve the most challenging water treatment problems at significant cost savings.

Horizontal pressure filters are especially suited well for the high volume flows required by large municipalities, industries, and power utilities. The unique Roberts’ multi-cell backwash system offers the economy of horizontal pressure filters, without the need for backwash pumps.

Our largest standard units have more than 500 square feet (46.4 square meters) of filtering area, and can reliably supply plants that treat from 1 to 25 million gallons (3.7 – 94.6 million liters) per day.

Roberts’ horizontal multi-cell designs partition the unit to form individual filter cells. They can often be used as a cost-effective substitute to multiple vertical units.