Infinity is half the height of other underdrains; increase freeboard and filtration with the lowprofile design.

The Filter Underdrain is a critical part of water filtration, yet many are made in a one-size-fits-all approach using pieced-together connections attached with fasteners. This can create a number of unforeseen equipment breakdowns, corrosion points or gaps that are proven to fail over time. This flawed method often leads to difficult installations, wasted space and the ever-present risk of joint failures.

Roberts Filter Group revolutionized filter underdrains nearly 20 years ago with the debut of the Infinity – the first of- its-kind continuously extruded product specifically designed to fit any installation perfectly.

The Infinity Underdrain Advantages:

Infinity Underdrain

Laser cut slots allow for direct media retention on top of the underdrain.

  • Reliable: with no joints, the chance of joint failure is zero
  • Easy to install: custom-fit means no wasted time and effort installing
  • Simple: laser-cut slots allow for filtration medium directly on underdrain
  • Cost-saving: plastic doesn’t corrode, leading to longer lifespan
  • Safe: material is NSF 61 certified

For more information, including dimensions, structural capacity, customization options and
other advantages, please contact us.