The Roberts’ Microwedge® Sludge Dewatering System is a high quality product with proven reliability and cost effectiveness. The system’s design reflects extensive operational testing and evaluation. Microwedge offers considerable space savings over sand bed and lagoon options. Units are easily installed or replaced and have no direct energy requirements.

The Roberts’ Microwedge® Sludge Dewatering System has applications in all types of sludge dewatering, from sanitary sewerage through industrial and water treatment sludge. The Microwedge® system produces high quality effluent with low DOS, COD, and total suspended solids concentration. Captured sludge dries to a removable cake that is easily scraped from the bed. After scraping, the bed is simply washed and reloaded.

Sludge Dewatering System

The interlocking modular system is manufactured of high-density plastic. Units are UV stable for outdoor applications, abrasion resistant, and designed for scraping by mechanical equipment. A non-clogging orifice design and unrestricted water flow into the basin collector system provides for continuous system operation.

Roberts Microwedge Systems have been designed to effectively dewater both industrial and municipal sludges.  Basins and bed sizes can be adjusted to fit any application, including upgrading an existing sand bed or converting existing lagoons.  The system is flexible enough to handle industrial sludge spikes or heavy surges from sludge digestors and holding tanks.  Microwedge Sludge Dewatering Systems are designed to meet the ever changing demands of the water and wastewater industries by providing an environmentally responsible dewatering system.

Complete system design is offered by Roberts; our skilled professionals will customize a sludge dewatering system to meet your needs.  Roberts can recommend and provide all of the necessary core components and accessories for your sludge dewatering needs.

Microwedge Sludge Dewatering System users benefit from a low initial cost, reduced operating costs and maintenance, and significant space savings.

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