Enflo-DAF System

Dissolved Air Flotation

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is a high rate clarification process for use in water, wastewater and industrial applications. DAF depends on the attachment of air bubbles to floc particles to remove solids via flotation instead of sedimentation. Roberts' installation experience with DAF includes both conventional and packaged applications.


Removes Difficult Settling Particles

Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) works by introducing microbubbles into the treatment train which increases the buoyancy of floc particles already having a naturally low density. Taste and odor causing algae, iron and manganese, color and low density particulate matter which are typically difficult to remove through settling, can all be easily removed through flotation.

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Cost Effective

Roberts’ DAF offers Communities and Industry a highly cost effective method of treating a variety of difficult raw water sources. Its compact size and modular design produce significant capital savings. Rapid installation, fast start-up, condensed sludge, and reduced chemical consumption make Roberts’ DAF a logical solution.

Versatile Solution

Roberts’ DAF system can be adjusted for seasonal fluctuations in water quality. Additionally, Roberts’ DAF operates smoothly in conjunction with backwash water recovery, pre-treatment for membranes including desalination and a host of industrial applications.

Simple Operation

Automatic and manual operating systems are provided. PLC based controls assure reliable operation with minimal operator involvement. Hydraulic sludge removal eliminates moving parts

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Dissolved Air Flotation
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