The fully automated Reliant® water and wastewater package treatment plants offer an economical means of removing high levels of turbidity, color, metals, and waterborne disease organisms.

The Reliant® is a conventional system utilizing flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration. It is generally recommended for use where turbidities are regularly above 150 NTU. Reliant package treatment plants work by chemically treating, flash mixing, and mechanically flocculating raw water to form a strong, settleable floc; thus promoting high efficiency floc settling and continuous gravity desludging. Dual or multi-media filters perform final filtration.

package treatment plants
Backwash can be initiated manually or automatically on the basis of headloss, elapsed time, or turbidity. Sludge removal from the settling section is activated independent of backwash without affecting normal plant operation.

Reliant A series provides all of the above features plus an extended 30-minute flocculation water treatment period and a reduced filtration rate (4 gpm/sq.ft. [9.75 m³/hr/m²]). Reliant A is recommended for regions that require extended flocculation times or reduced filtration rates, as well as low water temperature and high turbidity applications.

Reliant FS units consist only of flocculator and settling sections and are frequently utilized on high turbidity applications in advance of Roberts’ Pacer II® system. All Reliant package treatment plants are fully automatic, for minimal operator involvement and reduced operating cost.