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Microwedge® Sludge Block -- Bellville, Texas

Roberts Microwedge® Systems have been designed to effectively dewater both industrial and municipal sludges. Basins and bed sizes can be adjusted to fit any application, including upgrading an existing sand bed or converting lagoons. The system is flexible enough to handle industrial spikes or heavy surges from digesters and holding tanks. Microwedge® Systems are designed to meet the ever changing demands of the water and wastewater industries by providing an environmentally responsible dewatering system. The operation is simple: flood the bed with thickened sludge, wait for the sludge to dry, and remove the dry sludge cake with a front end loader. Following sludge removal, wash down the bed and repeat the cycle.

The Roberts Filter Group team spoke to Preston Cloyd, Crew Leader for the Belville, Texas Water Department about his experience with Microwedge® Sludge Blocks and Roberts Filter Group.

“So far it has been great -- we have had it since the end of October last year and are planning on getting more this year. It is extremely durable and has been holding up. The 3x4 sheets made for easy installation -- no cleaning required yet but we are drawing once a week. Belville would be happy to be used as a reference.” - Preston Cloyd, Crew Leader for the Belville, Texas Water Department

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