Unisweep-- Tempe, Arizona

Updated: Nov 18

Efficient and effective filtration requires clean filter media. Mudball formation and cracks through the bed and along the walls can impair filter operation, decreasing production and shortening filter service runs. In extreme cases, these problems can lead to breakthrough and high effluent turbidites. An auxiliary surface washer protects expensive filtration media and helps keep your system in compliance with today’s stringent standards.

Unisweep uses all stainless steel construction to assure corrosion free operation in any water or wastewater application. The design features an arm and center bearing base body of a single component, which eliminates the need for tees and arm pinning. It also reduces the number of connections which lessens the chance of failure.

Roberts Filter Group spoke with Joel Nelson, who runs the Tempe Water Treatment Plant. Tempe uses Unisweep, a surface wash agitator.

“I really like the products and our agitators, Unisweeps are working wonderfully. Part numbers are pulled up quickly and always on track. This is convenient for me because it saves me time. It's been great working with Mike because he gets me exactly what I need, fast. There are really no negatives about Roberts Filter Group besides that I wish we were on contract with them because I could buy more of their parts. I would be happy to be a reference to Roberts Filter Group for future projects.”

To learn more about Roberts Filter Group Unisweep, visit the ‘Gravity Filtration’ page under ‘Products’.


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