Our Value to OperationsTM (V2O) model combines the most advanced water treatment & wastewater treatment innovations with a time- tested family-run service model that the industry has always counted on. The V2O model consists of five key operational solution areas from research and development through the continuity of equipment, knowledge and relationships.

V2O Model

Research and Development:

  • Designed and patented one of the earliest U.S. water filters in 1889
  • In-house engineering department meets with engineers, scientists and technologists around the globe to analyze and test the latest advancements in water treatment
  • Maintain close personal relationships with industry leaders and influencers to continually drive the standards in efficiency, compliance and sustainability

Products & Solutions:

  • Broad portfolio of time-tested products, equipment and solutions in municipal and industrial treatment environments
  • Key focus on operational efficiency and energy savings
  • More than 4,000 installations across five continents
  • Many installations still working at optimum levels after decades
  • single-source control systems and instrumentation designed to help managers optimize pretreatment, filtration and filter backwash


  • Flexible designs allow plants to customize equipment and technologies to meet specific plant engineering requirements and production goals
  • Dedicated engineering teams work closely with consultants and plant managers to integrate equipment into existing structures and systems with minimum downtime
  • SCADA integration reporting technologies allow you to see, share and store critical data and graphs in real time
  • Customized control systems provides complete integration and networking of all plant management operations while preventing plant downtime when new components are added, removed or upgraded


  • Family-run service model delivers the highest levels of responsiveness and expertise at every stage of the client relationship
  • Accessibility to company’s top leadership
  • Partnership and direction throughout planning and execution to help plants eliminate repeat problems and solve complex issues


  • Institutional knowledge and commitment of fifth generation leadership
  • Patented generational products promote product longevity and the ability to replace or repair equipment that have been in place for decades with minimal downtime
  • Time-tested partnerships and relationship that last for generations