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History of Roberts Filter Group

The history of water filtration and the story of Roberts Filter Group 
are virtually synonymous. 

Charles Roberts was a young man with an interest and concern for waterborne diseases. He became particularly interested in various water treatment processes. 

The earliest patent paper still in possession is dated 1889 and made out to C.V. Roberts for a water filter.  As business boomed and additional workers were hired, he expanded his line of filters to serve estates, hotels, industries and municipalities. 

By 1939, with the outbreak of war in Europe, Roberts Filter turned most of its energies from peacetime pursuits to defense manufacturing, and eventually to all-out support of war effort. This included filtration plant installations at Fort Bragg, Fort Knox, Fort Benning and Fort Dix. At the same time, Roberts provided process water for the Dupont Company, Hercules Powder company and a number of government owned companies. 

Roberts also participated in the famous Manhattan Project, which was the greatest challenge to the waterworks industry. This work led to the introduction of high rate filtration in the municipal market in the late 1950's. Since its introduction, high rate filtration has become a standard water treatment process in municipal practices today. 

Today, Roberts is still on the cutting edge. Across the U.S. and around the world, Roberts supplies gravity filters, pressure filters, packaged water treatment, and  pre-treatment technology to some of the smartest companies and engineers on the planet.

If there is a secret to this success, it is the specialization and devotion to one main enterprise, through five generations of uninterrupted family management. It is the secret of pride in family heritage, loyalty to family tradition, faith in outstanding skills and rich experience of  the people who are Roberts Filter Group. 

Now the largest family-owned water filtration company in the United States, Roberts Filter Group has completed thousands of  projects totaling in billions of gallons of water. 
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