Filter Underdrain

Gravity filtration systems have been the cornerstone of water treatment for thousands of years. Roberts Filter Group designs and manufactures products that provide modern solutions for today's treatment challenges. Filter underdrain, air scour, and surface wash are key components to ensuring high-quality water. Learn more about gravity filtration systems here! 

Roberts Filter Group has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Gravity Filtration:
  • Design and Construction of New Installations 
  • Rehabilitation and Upgrading Existing Installations 
  • Filter Inspections and Process Optimization Assistance
  • Instrumentation and Controls Additions
  • Upgrades to New and Existing installations 
Our experience in gravity filtration systems ranges from small prefabricated steel tank systems to multi-million gallon per day municipal systems. Our global install base spans the municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment market, with diverse process applications used for turbidity reduction, organics reduction, treatment for taste and order, and other filtration challenges. 

Filter Underdrain Solutions

Air Scour Solutions

Surface Wash Solutions