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Air Scour System

Filter Air Scour System

Managed Air System

The Aries® Managed Air System is a revolutionary filter air scour system. The Aries® is the preferred method of auxillary wash for the cleansing of a filter, since it provides thorough cleansing of the entire filter bed versus surface wash systems or passive air systems which are only effective in the top layer of the filter bed.

Air Scour System

Easy Installation

Unique installation method easily integrates with old filters. The Aries® Managed Air System can be installed and removed without replacing the filter media, and it is adaptable to any filter design without the need for replacing the underdrain.

Aries Air Scour System

Cost Saving

Low-cost solution to dramatically improving an old system.

Aries Air Scour System

Water Saving

Saves up to 70 percent of water regularly used in backwash. The Aries® Managed Air System provides "bottom to top" cleaning action which passive air systems do not. The location of the Aries® Managed Air System at the gravel/media interface allows the introduction air directly into the bottom of the filter media. 

Aries Air Scour System

Energy Saving

Twice as efficient as air/water underdrains.

Aries Air Scour System


This filtered air scour system is one of Roberts’ most popular products, tested and proven in hundreds of applications. 

Aries Air Scour System

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