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Air Scour System

​Clay Tile
Ceramic Underdrain System

Structurally Sound

Clay Tile Blocks provide superior media support and are designed and built to handle the most demanding filter media profiles. The inner support structure of each block is designed to bridge flumes while still supporting the full weight of the system.

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Uniform Backwash Distribution

In the filtration (downward flow) mode the dispersal orifices uniformly collect the filtered water over the entire filter surface area with very low head-loss. The filtered water then flows through the inner distribution orifices into the distribution laterals, and from there to clear well storage and service. During backwash, the flow is reversed and backwash flow is used to clean the filter media uniformly and efficiently. Clay Tile provides a water only backwash, when coupled the Aries® Managed Air System, superior efficient washes can be achieved.

Easy To Install

Installation of the Clay Tile underdrain system entails a relatively simple process; the Clay Tile is grouted into place in a level filter. Each block is connected to ensure uniform laminar flow through the system. Once the grout has cured and the system is flow tested, media loading can commence. The Clay Tile utilizes support gravel to make use of the most common media profiles.

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Roberts Filter Group Clay Tile consists of a dual parallel lateral special ceramic block that completely provides wall to wall filter coverage. Each block consists of a pair of upper conduits (dispersal laterals) and lower conduits (primary distribution laterals). Each lower conduit is hydraulically interconnected with the upper one directly above by uniformly spaced orifices. The top surface of each block provides efficient distribution with uniform discharge orifices throughout the tile.

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