Filter Underdrain System

Continuous Unibody Underdrain

The Infinity Continuous Lateral Underdrain fundamentally changes the game for filter underdrain systems with its unibody design. The Infinity air/water underdrain is extruded to the exact required length; no breaks, joints, or seals. This unique design feature eliminates joint and seal failure. 

Maximize Treatment, Not Underdrain Height.

The Infinity® is only 6” (152 mm) in height. This low profile underdrain design allows for enhanced water treatment, maximizing filter media depth and creating greater freeboard. For existing water treatment plants, the Infinity®’s 6” height coupled with direct media retention can bring new life into old filters.

Infinity Unibody Underdrain

Versatile Top Deck Works For Any Filter.

The integrated unibody top deck of the Infinity® can be designed and fabricated to meet the needs of any application; direct media retention (slots) or support gravel (orifices) can be utilized with the Infinity®. The Infinity® single piece design completely eliminates the need for screws and fasteners to hold on a media retaining screen or cap; which can leak or corrode. 

Separate Conduits Means Better Distribution.

The Infinity®’s 6 channel design separates the primary air and water conduits, preventing water hammer and ultimately underdrain failure. This separation also ensures great backwash distribution across a wide range of flows and conditions; air only, air and water simultaneously, and water only. The 2 primary water channels and 1 primary air channel never have to compete with one another; keeping maldistribution low and backwashes even.

Installs Fast And Secure.

The Infinity®’s extruded design prevents underdrain failures by eliminating joints, but it also saves installation time. The Infinity® comes to the site completely assembled, there are no joints to snap together, no assembly tools required.

Low Headloss, Save The Pumping.

The Infinity® also comes in a low head loss edition, which is perfect for a green leaf filter. These filter banks rely on the effluent of other filters to backwash a spent filter. Green leaf filters require the most head loss efficient underdrains to maximize flow. The Infinity® Low Head loss Edition Underdrain can meet the most demanding needs with head loss as low as 6” (152 mm) at peak backwash flow, while maintaining flow distribution.

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