Reliant -- Center Township, Pennsylvania.

The fully automated Reliant® treatment plant offers an economical means of removing high levels of turbidity, color, metals and waterborne disease organisms. Reliant® is a conventional system utilizing flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration. It is generally recommended where turbidites are regularly above 150 NTU.

The Roberts Filter Group team spoke to Johnny Elias, who is on the Municipal Board for Center Township, Pennsylvania about his experience with the Pacer and Roberts Filter Group.

“Reliant is working really well, there are no issues. We usually can get 70 hours of use out of them before backwash in summer. In winter, it is about 50 hours. It is maintenance free, and if there is a problem Roberts is easily available to help. Andre calls about once a month to make sure everything is going smoothly. We had an independent contractor come out to test the filter who said it is working great and couldn't believe that the water was so clean and had such low turbidity.” - Johnny Elias, Municipal Board for Center Township, Pennsylvania

To learn more about Reliant, visit the ‘Packaged Water Treatment’ page under ‘Products’.

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