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Stainless Steel Underdrain

Stainless Steel Underdrain

Stainless Steel Underdrain

Verified Strength

Grout failure is a leading cause of underdrain failure. With the Trilateral® SST stainless steel underdrain, this is a thing of the past. Trilateral® SST is mechanically secured to the filter floor, eliminating grout from the equation. The mechanical braces are checked and field verified to ensure pullout strength is met, guaranteeing a great lasting installation. 

Trilateral SST Stainless Steel Underdrain

Sealed In Tight, All The Way Around

Trilateral® SST is seam welded around the complete exterior shell. This feature provides strength, prevents leaks, breaks, and media intrusion. Welded underdrains can fail due to a missed or incomplete spot weld, seam welding eliminates this all together. 

Trilateral SST Stainless Steel Underdrain

Double The Thickness

The strength of the Trilateral® SST doesn’t stop with the mechanical fasteners. Roberts utilizes an industry leading 14-gauge stainless steel outer shell; literally double the thickness of some other competitors. This thick outer shell protects against unexpected pressure from pumps and water hammer.

Trilateral SST Stainless Steel Underdrain

3D Media Retention

Roberts utilizes a custom designed “3D” louver to distribute backwash air and water. These slots are supported on 3 sides, preventing deformation over time from water pressure or something as simple as a contractor’s boot.

Trilateral SST Stainless Steel Underdrain

​Trilateral® SST
Stainless Steel Underdrain

Trilateral® SST is a superior stainless steel underdrain. Many customers have recognized stainless steel underdrains as the best in the marketplace; none of the material drawbacks of plastic underdrains and saves on the expense of concrete solutions. Stainless steel underdrains are ideal for biologically active filters.

Trilateral SST Stainless Steel Underdrain

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