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Microwedge® Sludge Blocks

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Sludge Dewatering System

Roberts' Microwedge® Systems have been designed to effectively dewater both industrial and municipal sludges. Basins and bed sizes can be adjusted to fit any application, including upgrading an existing sand bed or converting lagoons. The system is flexible enough to handle industrial spikes or heavy surges from digestors and holding tanks. Microwedge® Systems are designed to meet the ever changing demands of water and wastewater industries by providing an environmentally responsible dewatering system.

Sludge Dewatering System

Easy Installation

The interlocking design simplifies installation and individual unit replacement. The system is capable of continuous operation since there is no possibility of mechanical failure. It requires no energy and is nearly maintenance free.

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Ease Of Operation

Operation of the Microwedge Dewatering System is simple. Flood the bed with thickened sludge, wait for the sludge to dry, and remove the dry sludge cake with a front end loader. Following sludge removal, wash down the bed and repeat the cycle. The system can dewater anything from 1% aerobically digested sludge to 5% primary sludge to filter backwash waste, and it can achieve as high as 99% solids recovery.

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Complete System Design

Complete system design is offered by Roberts Filter Group. Our skilled professionals will customize a system to meet your needs or our staff can recommend and provide all of the necessary components to meet your specified design criteria.

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Design Considerations

A minimum of two beds is typical for most installations. Each bed consists of a concrete basin with an inlaid collection system. The dewatering blocks are placed in the basin and the perimeter is sealed with wood or stainless steel.

Additional Design Considerations

  • A Roberts supplied polymer system complete with custom controls and accessories.

  • A recessed sludge inlet with an isolating valve for every 25 square feet of bed area.

  • A ramp sloping downward at the entrance of the bed for front end loader access.

  • A stainless steel truck ramp used as flashing for the gate entry.

  • Embedded manifolds for filtrate collection.

  • Solid faced urethane splash plates using the locking design as the dewatering blocks.

  • Stainless steel reinforced urethane bucket tips for the front end loader.

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