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1889 to 2021

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Roberts Filter Group has come a long way within the water industry since its founding in 1889.

The earliest patent paper still in possession is dated 1889 and made out to C.V. Roberts for a water filter. Since then, Roberts has developed a wide variety of processes and technological solutions to the most demanding treatment challenges; dissolved air flotation, plate settlers, sludge treatment, gravity filtration, pressure filters, and package plants. Roberts' wide range of solutions can be adapted to solve whatever the challenge.

If there is a secret to this success, it is the specialization and devotion to one main enterprise, through five generations of uninterrupted family management. It is the secret of pride in family heritage, loyalty to family tradition, faith in outstanding skills and rich experience of the people who are Roberts Filter Group.

Now, Roberts holds title for largest family-owned water filtration company in the U.S. with more than 4,400 installations across six continents. The completion of these projects totaling in billions of gallons of water pushes Roberts to continue bringing innovation to the water industry.

Each year brings about new possibilities for answering the industries demand for customized, flexible solutions and efficient operations. Roberts will continue to work into 2021 with the smartest companies and engineers around the world to provide the best filtration solutions Roberts Filter Group can offer.

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