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Horizontal Pressure Filters -- Waupun, Wisconsin

Waupun Utilities had a small plant that was becoming outdated and not able to handle capacity. Also, the water supplied to the plant contained Iron and Manganese that required removal. In addition to removal of these particulates, the plant also intended to use membranes manufactured by Koch. A new building was designed and the building was designed to be able to increase capacity in the future by adding a third Horizontal Pressure Filter as well as a third membrane train. The Utility District supplies water to the town of Waupun which includes three (3) prisons. Upon completion of the new facility, the existing facility was demolished.

During the design stage, Roberts performed an extensive pilot study to demonstrate the removal process. The goal, which was easily attained, was to clean the raw water sufficiently enough to process the water through the membranes and minimize fouling of the membrane. Again, the pilot proved successful and the design moved forward. Other manufacturers were considered but failed the pilot study.

After extensive evaluation, the Roberts team proposed installation of Horizontal Pressure Filters, Media, and Instrumentation and Control. Roberts Filter Group has been designing and manufacturing horizontal pressure filters since the late 1800’s. We have 2000+ pressure filter installations, some of which have been in operation for over 100 years. Horizontal pressure filters are especially well suited for the high volume flows required by large municipalities, industries, and power utilities.

The Roberts Horizontal Pressure Filters eliminated and minimized the need to do an extensive excavation of the property adjoining the existing plant. The Horizontal Pressure Filters are designed as 4 – cells per filter. Because there are 2 pressure filters, one filter is used during a run cycle and then backwashed from the idle pressure filter. The following day, the pressure filter used for backwashing is then the lead filter and the clean filter is idle waiting to backwash the operating pressure filter. Thereby, having a clean pressure filter to start each day's run.

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