Unisweep®-- Chesterfield, Virginia

Efficient and effective filtration requires clean filter media. Mudball formation and cracks through the bed and along the walls can impair filter operation, decreasing production and shortening filter service runs. In extreme cases, these problems can lead to breakthrough and high effluent turbidites. An auxiliary surface washer protects expensive filtration media and helps keep your system in compliance with today’s stringent standards.

Unisweep® uses all stainless steel construction to assure corrosion free operation in any water or wastewater application. The design features an arm and center bearing base body of a single component, which eliminates the need for tees and arm pinning. It also reduces the number of connections which lessens the chance of failure.

The Roberts Filter Group team spoke to Jerry Giles Jr., Maintenance Supervisor for Addison-Evans Water Treatment Plant about his experience with Unisweep® Surface Wash Agitator and Roberts Filter Group.

“The Unisweep®’s here at Addison-Evans have been very reliable. The design of the system is very effective, and the quality of the material used in construction is rugged. The nozzles seem to be very strategically placed in order to operate at the optimum performance expected. The indicators on the top of the units are excellent for verification that the unit is functional and operating at the right speed. As far as maintenance issues, I have had very few. Mostly just normal wear and tear. I have replaced the nozzles and a couple of the rotary joints. Replacement of these items were very easy and simple. Other than these two items I have no other maintenance issues to report on. I would also like to say that Mike and your other Staff have been extremely helpful on researching the system that we have and providing me with the correct information for placing parts orders and having the materials shipped to me when needed. It is very comforting to know that when parts are ordered that they will not only be on time but correct parts when they arrive as well.” -- Jerry Giles Jr., Maintenance Supervisor Addison-Evans Water Treatment Plant in Chesterfield, Virginia.

Download the Unisweep® Surface Agitator Brochure here:

Unisweep Brochure
Download PDF • 7.20MB

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