Sludge withdrawal systems have long relied on hoses to evacuate sediment, presenting operators with a number of issues including tangling, disconnection, corrosion and performance failure. As a result, these systems have required constant monitoring, maintenance and repair. With deep knowledge of plant operations, Roberts created a better way. The Slyder™ was designed to reduce the amount of maintenance and extend the lifespan of sludge withdrawal systems. The Slyder™ hose-less design, combined with the Roberts control system, allows for on-demand and automatic cleaning, offering operators a reliable, long-lasting solution.

Hoseless Design

The hoseless design eliminates common problems associated with other sludge
collection systems; clogging, tangled lines, off tracks, freezing, etc. The system’s low profile is excellent for areas with limited vertical clearance.

Fully Customizable

SlyderTM offers touch-screen based operator customizations for simplified sludge withdrawal management. Set and maintain optimum sludge levels within the basin, and automatically or manually initiate additional sludge withdrawal
in response to high turbidity events. The enhanced controls make more efficient decisions for scheduling de-sludge times

More Effective 

The sludge collection header is designed to accommodate variations in loading and to uniformly collect settled solids. The control systems focus on high sludging areas to totally clean the basin. 

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