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Vertical Pressure Filter

Pressure Filtration

Roberts Filter Group specializes in large flow, large capacity systems. Standard vertical pressure filters up to 12 feet in diameter offer an especially cost effective and reliable solution for iron and manganese removal, turbidity reduction and process water filtration. Roberts' pressure filters can be configured for a variety of direct pumping treatment configurations. Consult our engineering staff for cost-saving solutions. 

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Low Initial and Operating Cost

Roberts Vertical Pressure Filters offer low initial and operating costs than conventional systems and the package nature of these systems greatly simplifies the design and installation for the engineer and contractor. 

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Easily Installed and Maintained

Roberts' on-staff chemical engineers understand the variety of water treatment challenges that confront municipal and industrial users. They are experienced in applying our state of the art pressure filtration capabilities to solve the most challenging water treatment problems, at significant cost savings. 

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Popular Choice For Treatment of Municipal and Industrial Waters and Wastewater.

Vertical Pressure Filters are especially well suited for the high volume flows required by large municipalities, industries, and power utilities. The unique Roberts' multi-cell backwash system offers the economy of horizontal pressure filters, without the need for backwash pumps. 

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