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Packaged Water Treatment

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Clarion® prefabricated gravity filters meet the filtration requirements of small to medium sized water and wastewater treatment plants in a cost-effective manner. Units are available in two, three, or four-cell designs with cell sizes ranging from 16 square feet to 144 square feet. The compact size occupies less space than conventional water treatment plants, and the modular design is ideally suited for future plant expansion. Initial capital savings are recognized through fast, simple installation and start up of the Clarion® systems.

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Effective Design

Standard units are constructed in accordance with the accepted design standards for potable or tertiary applications. The Clarion® incorporates the full complement of Roberts’ products which are commonly provided on conventional gravity filtration systems. Filter media systems are selected to meet process requirements and maximize net production. Roberts Aries® Managed Air Scour Systems or Unisweep® Surface wash agitators are incorporated as ancillary backwash mechanisms.


Prefabricated Gravity Filter

The Clarion® Model P, potable water treatment plant has ben designed to offer conventional water treatment technology in a prefabricated, packaged system. The coated A36 carbon steel or stainless- steel construction of the Clarion® assures extended plant life and years of trouble free operation. The effluent flow metering system built into the Clarion® Model P assures efficient, constant rates of production.

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Prefabricated Tertiary Filter

The Clarion® Model T, gravity wastewater plant offers the same corrosion resistant construction and modular design characteristics as the Model P. Each Model T utilizes a ultrasonic level transmitter to control the filter cell effluent valve and maintain a constant filter level to within +/- 3. When the effluent valve is completely opened, and the filter level begins to rise, a backwash sequence is automatically initiated.

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