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Pretreatment Technology

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Roberts’ ContaClarifier® provides pretreatment for new and existing filtration plants in less than a third the area of conventional treatment. Mixing, flocculation, and clarification remove up to 95% of incoming turbidity, producing clarified and conditioned water.


Reliable Design

The Contaclarifier® is comprised of a granular, non-buoyant media bed which is stable under all service flow conditions. Chemically dosed water is introduced to the bottom of the clarifier section and it flows upward through the bed.

Pacer Packaged Water Treatment

Enhanced Flocculation Process

The flow around the irregularly shaped media particles causes the intimate mixing and interparticle collisions needed for the process of floc formation. The flocculation process is enhanced by contact with the previously retained solids.

Half Moon Bay - Coastside Water District

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