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Plate Settlers

Plate Settlers

Sedimentation Basin

Roberts’ stainless steel Plate Settlers are manufactured from 100% stainless steel and are designed and constructed at Roberts’ dedicated stainless steel fabrication facility. With over 120 years of sedimentation basin design experience, Roberts’ Plate Settler systems offer the high efficiency and ease of operation that you expect from all of Roberts’ products.

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Unique Design

Roberts’ plates are designed on nominal 2” (5.08cm) centers and are oriented at 55 degrees. Systems can be retrofitted into existing rectangular or circular basins. The horizontally projected surface area of the plates reduces the overall footprint of conventional sedimentation basins. Reinforced plate design allows operators and installation crews to walk on the surface of the plates without damaging the system (Roberts recommend following all OSHA and other safety guidelines when working in or around sedimentation basins)

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Cost Effective

Plate Settlers have a low installation cost, modules are shop fabricated and shipped ready for installation. It is a rapid start up process, with little to no maintenance following. Plate Settlers reduce effluent turbidities to as low
as 0.2 NTU, while reducing chemical requirements and increasing basin loading rates.

Plate Settlers.jpg
Plate Settler.jpg

Efficient Operation 

Plate Settlers are designed for efficient operation with excellent influent distribution, effluent collection and even solids loading. There are no moving parts when partnered with Roberts’ Spyder® sludge collection system. They produce a 90% smaller footprint than conventional sedimentation basins.

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