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Filter Underdrain System

Packaged Water Treatment

Effective Technology

Our packaged water treatment plants work by chemically treating, flash mixing, and mechanically flocculating raw water to form a strong, settle able floc. Additionally, Roberts’ sophisticated filtration technology is incorporated throughout, ensuring efficacy. Applications for the Reliant® include industrial, municipal and military.

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Backwash Optimization

Backwash can be initiated manually or automatically on the basis of head loss, elapsed time or turbidity. Sludge removal from the settling section is activated independent of backwash without affecting normal plant operation.

High Quality

Roberts' prioritizes quality when manufacturing products-- Reliant® is assembled at Roberts’ American facilities. Reliant® was the first conta-clarifier of its time, ensuring Roberts' knows how to produce proficient operations. 

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Gravity Filtration Underdrain

The fully automated Reliant® Packaged Water Treatment plant offers an economical means of removing high levels of turbidity, color, metals and waterborne disease organisms. Reliant® is a conventional system utilizing flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration. It is generally recommended where turbidites are regularly above 150 NTU. 

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