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Filter Underdrain System

Pacer II®
Packaged Water Treatment

Cost Effective

The Pacer II® system is cost effective, with lower operational and capital costs than conventional treatment and membrane systems. Thorough engineering and modular design dramatically reduce the installation and startup costs of the Pacer II® system, while still allowing the flexibility to expand as your needs grow.

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Complete Package

Used extensively by a range of operators in both the public and private sectors, this sewage treatment package delivers proven efficiency and reliability in one complete package. It’s versatile design, allows it to suit many applications from industrial to municipal to military. 

Simple Operation

The Pacer II® system is simple to operate with Roberts’ Sentinel® control system. Fully automatic control allows operation with minimal operator involvement. Wash cycles are automatically activated on the basis of elapsed time, head loss and/or turbidity set points.

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Solves Tough Treatment Problems

The Pacer II® system solves difficult treatment problems, including turbidity, color, iron, manganese, taste, odor and waterborne disease causing organisms. The Pacer II® system performance is further enhanced through utilization of the Roberts’ Infinity® continuous lateral under-drain and the Aries® Managed Air System

High Performance Rates

The Pacer II® system consistently produces finished water quality that surpasses Federal and State drinking water standards. Hundreds of successful unit installations are a testament to the PACER II® treatment system’s superior performance, high quality, and ease of operation.

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Gravity Filtration Underdrain

The Pacer II® is a family of pre-fabricated modular and package dual-treatment water treatment plants that deliver proven results that  solve difficult treatment problems, including turbidity, color, iron, manganese, taste, odor, as well as waterborne disease causing organisms. Pacer II is ideal for locations where raw water turbidity is low to moderate. In a two-step treatment process, the Pacer II provides an upflow contact clarifier followed by a polishing filter. Chemically treated water in the contaclarifier passes through granular media. Consuming 80% less land than conventional plants, Pacer II delivers significant capital cost savings through its compact size and modular design.

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