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Surface Wash Agitator

Roberts' surface wash agitator, the Unisweep®, has design features that distinguish it from other surface wash systems. The stainless steel Unisweep® features a unique cone-ported nozzle that concentrates flow for maximum agitation, while providing positive back-flow prevention.

Surface Wash Agitator

Surface Wash Agitator

Stainless Steel Underdrain

Stainless Steel Underdrain

Prevent Media Backflow

To prevent backflow of media into the agitator arm, the two-piece non-clog nozzle uses an elastomeric diaphragm, securely encased between the delrin cone and base. The threaded Cone Ported Nozzle provides focused flow dispersion for maximum scouring and features an encapsulated stainless steel liner for durability and long life.

Unisweep Surface Wash Agitator

Unitized Design

Designed with unitized construction, Unisweep® is all stainless steel including center bearing and stainless steel lined non-clogging cone ported nozzles. The nozzles are threaded for secure attachment. Multiported and threaded end caps mount directly on the Unisweep® ends, making cleaning and maintenance easy. This provides maximum flow at rotation, for optimum corner scouring. 

Unisweep Surface Wash Agitator

“I really like the products and our agitators, Unisweep®'s are working wonderfully. Part numbers are pulled up quickly and always on track. This is convenient for me because it saves me time. It's been great working with Mike because he gets me exactly what I need, fast. There are really no negatives about Roberts Filter Group besides that I wish we were on contract with them because I could buy more of their parts. I would be happy to be a reference to Roberts Filter Group for future projects.” -Joel Nelson, Tempe Water Treatment Plant

Single Piece Construction

Our one piece, all stainless steel construction, provides increased stability, easier installation, and eliminates chances of connection leaks. At the center of the Unisweep®, is the rotary bearing assembly. The bearing housing is permanently attached to the stainless steel arm. The stainless steel bearing is easily accessible. 

Unisweep Surface Wash Agitator

Maximum Flow at Rotation 

Roberts threaded cone ported nozzle provides focused flow dispersion and features a stainless steel liner offering maximum service life. We also use an elastomeric diaphragm inside, to prevent backflow of media into the arms. The threaded features make it easy to change and access.

Unisweep Surface Wash Agitator

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